Bengaluru startup launches app to store medical records–Economic Times–09.08.2017

Wrizto Healthcare, a Bengaluru-based startup, has launched an app by the name Wrizto which aims at helping the user manage current and past health records of a user’s family. The app, according to the company, provides a platform to access, share and manage health records as well as provide insight into the healthcare services the family has access to.

One can also create alerts and notifications based on the health information in the portal. The health account acts as a holistic health management system at no cost to consumer, according to founders Manish Katke and Sudarshana M Rao.

The startup, in a pressnote said that the accessibility to the Wrizto portal is through the Android application on the smartphone. The user has to register the account. “You can click the picture of medical records/upload the attachment from your device and save it in your Wrizto account. You can store details of doctor visits, prescriptions, bills, reports, insurance policy details, active medications, allergies, vital updates, reminders of next visit to your doctor, medicine stock etc,” the firm said in a pressnote.

via Bengaluru startup launches app to store medical records

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