Cybersecurity, do small business owners like you need to worry? – The Economic Times–06.09.2017

It’s a crisp morning and you settled down with a steaming cup of coffee and your newspaper. Little would you have guessed that a mere bug would shake up the business world! You immediately go on alert, for this was no ordinary bug.

In the past, malware has infected millions of computers worldwide, bringing the operations of many businesses, big and small, to a grinding halt. Small businesses to public services, government institutions and even MNCs were left scrambling under the onslaught of one of the recent ransomware attacks. Did it prompt you to lift the phone to check if you were impacted? Or did you just turn the newspaper page to the next section?

No matter what business you operate in; retail, finance, roofing solutions or ecommerce, data is at the heart of it. From sensitive customer information, client and sales purchase records to financial and employee details, every single process or transaction augments your precious data. Paired with today’s ever connected world of mobile and IoT devices, users and businesses are at risk through the time they are connected to a network.

Your data is a precious asset, unfortunately, for trigger-happy hackers as well!

Cybersecurity, do small business owners like you need to worry?

Buying peace of mind in an increasingly digitized economy.

The world is going virtual. And you are not far behind either! Many small to medium business owners and technology advisors, are seeing the virtue of migrating to highly secure cloud solutions. With this, cost-efficiencies aside, you are taking the big step towards protecting your sensitive data. But that’s not all, you can now expect;

• Reduced investment in hardware, infrastructure or staff.
• Simplified scaling-up or scaling-down of resources.
• Encrypted storage of data, preventing unauthorized access.
• Access control policies that can be clearly defined at the organisational level.
• Regular security audits ensuring company’s data security readiness at all times.

But then what are the cloud’s security challenges?

Let’s study the IBM response to the WannaCry invasion. The ransomware typically exploited an SMB vulnerability (MS17-010) to launch its virulent attack. Immediately after the WannaCry alarm was raised, IBM issued security measures, advising users of the IBM Security Operations and Response platform to patch, block and monitor vigilantly.

The inability to properly manage and secure structured and unstructured data, poses significant threats. However, an evolving cognitive technology based cloud solution like IBM Watson have elaborate mechanisms to pre-empt invasions of the scale of WannaCry. It’s Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) is constantly on the alert, helping organisations mitigate threats. When you buy into an IBM cloud storage system, you leverage X-Force Threat Intelligence together with a QRadar system to detect infections, either in real time or in the past.

Cognitive technology can think like us but is not limited by it.

IBM’s cloud solution is built using Watson – a cognitive system with human intelligence like technology. Voluminous, unstructured data that have no precedent or context can sometimes impair security experts from detecting irregularities or threats. Watson mimics human thinking to study patterns, even between obscure data points (information that elude us) by correlating evidence and visible phenomena, drawing on past incidents, to generate hypotheses.

This human-like idiosyncrasy enables IBM cloud’s security system to study every threat encounter, security measures taken, and understand incidents for future prediction. The more it learns, the sharper, more intuitive and wiser Watson gets.

Rest assured, your data is safe on IBM Cloud.

IBM research shows that an estimated 200,000 pieces of security events data per day are received by an organization. Even your business receives its share of such events. But the bright side is that in a growing cognitive security era, with robust systems like IBM’s Watson, you can be more vigilant and one step ahead of cyber-criminals always!

via Cybersecurity, do small business owners like you need to worry? – The Economic Times

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